Developing a High-Performance State of Mind (Workshop + Breakfast)
Developing a High-Performance State of Mind (Workshop + Breakfast)
Developing a High-Performance State of Mind (Workshop + Breakfast)

Developing a High-Performance State of Mind (Workshop + Breakfast)

What separates superior performance from mediocre performance?

A high-performance state of mind.

The way we approach challenges, responsibilities and opportunities makes all the difference. Of course, we have to work on constantly bettering our skills. However, skill execution fails when our ability to focus and channel attention fails.

In my coaching practice I work with entrepreneurs and executives that perform at an incredibly high level. Those leading hundreds of employees, generating millions of Rands, and conquering the world. What's more is that they do this whilst still trying to maintain good relationships, a healthy lifestyle and time for recovery.

Operating at such a level requires a completely different approach to the world. 

It's not a matter of simply implementing certain 'high-performance actions' (although it does help) but rather about creating your own high-performance operating-system. A system powered by thinking about the different aspects of your life in a new way.

I have distilled many of the concepts and principles that I use with my clients into a half-day workshop. You will leave equipped with the tools to better your thinking, approach, and performance in your business and personal life.


What the workshop focuses on:

  • Seeing high-performance through the lens of productivity, potential, and intention. (Why it matters)
  • The factors that influence high-performance.
  • Understanding the dimensions of attention and how to shift your focus depending on what needs to be done.
  • The pattern of high-performance.
  • Clarity around your values and character skills and how to best utilize this information to help you succeed.
  • The role of mental toughness in high-performance (and how to cultivate it).
  • Framing and re-framing of situations to help you move through challenges effortlessly.
  • Using certain triggers to theme and power your thinking and behaviours.
  • Pre-performance rituals for an optimal state of mind.

*The content will be customised based on who is attending.

It's an exclusive event and there are only 8 tickets available.

Your ticket includes:

  • Full English Breakfast.
  • The coaching and content session.
  • Tea and coffee mid-morning break.
  • (BONUS) You get to network with like-minded, ambitious people.

If you want to book your ticket I suggest you do so asap.



"Brilliant. That's all I can say."

"Excited to try this out in the real world. Interesting insights!"

"You should attend! Erik has the ability to shift the way you look at things."